Monday, May 10, 2010

A Letter to D

Hi DS, yes that's you! Remember me? GS and another DS a.k.a Dionna Saraduhita.
We are the trio DGD. That's our trio. Going on a road trip anywhere, somewhere far, laughing, singing, dancing, do silly things. That's us.

So, what are you doing up there ? I miss you. I checked my archive on messenger, then i found out that you buzzed me couple times 6 days ago. That time i was really busy. I havent got time to reply your buzz and you've been calling me twice on my mobile, is there something you wanted to say to me?

As a matter of fact i hate you DS, for not telling me that you had leukimia. Is that what you trying to tell me? I dont believe so. You're the struggle one. You always full of suprises, until now. Just saying, now i feel like im such a teribble friend. Im so sorry Dian Soraya. Im sorry havent got any chance to hug you and talk to you for the last time. :(

Somehow, if there's any chance you could read my letter, i know what you'll say to me. "Ah dasar lebay luuu cumiiii.." yeah that's you. You're the most energetic woman ive ever met. But just for now, pardon my sadness, plese mind this 'drama-letter-i-know-youll-hate-it". I remembered that night, the biawak night. We were playing with those webcam. Singin, dancing, laughing all night long.  I cant believe you had leukimia. The strong-struggle-nevergiveup Dian Soraya, is that really you?

So that day, the day you passed away. Thursday 6th May 2010, 12.46 AM. All of sudden i just remember you then i tried to call you. It didnt connected so i texted you. I just wanted to remind you about our plan to Biawak and Krakatau. You didnt answer my text. 30 Minutes later someone called and said that you're passed away. Are you kidding me?

Now maybe i know. Why you never had any plan about the future. When we're talk about marriage thingy, and you said you don't want to talk about it. You said "i just want to enjoy this life, for now!" As i thinking about what you said, well that's true. Enjoy the life now, because we never know what will happen next..

Next week im heading to the Biawak, just like our plan before. Really wish that you could go with us. Somehow i can hear you laughing and say, "Screw you Galuh! This place im in now is so much better than Biawak! Hahahaa," Well i've heard that heaven is a wonderful place. It just sad that two weeks ago you called in sick but i thought everything is gonna be just fine. Just like the way you used to be. Apparently its not, for me. You're gone.

Im sorry for being so selfish, but i really never can say goodbye to you. I will always remember you, as a fun crazy traveler, the strongest defender, the great poser and a very best friend.. of mine. Thank you for making me realize that the life we have now is a blessing. I'll see you at the other side of the universe, mate.

Have a nice trip up there.

In Memoriam, Dian Soraya (Dian Utami Dewi): 2 Nov 1983 - 6 May 2010-


  1. Dian Soraya the best friend when i ever had..Hope u happy up there....

  2. I was thinking about Dian and found your post again Galuh. Your videos are lovely. Msh sangat kangen dia :'(

    1. Hi Andy, apa kabar? Lama tidak bertemu. Me too, kangen dia sekali. :)

    2. kbr baik Galuh. lago kuliah di Boston. Br krm sms ke keluarga D. I guess u remembered today. How r u?

    3. I am good. Still working in Jakarta. Boston sounds great. :)