Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Draft

via prettysmilesilhoutte

An old friend suddenly contact me through blackberry messenger. He was asking about my work, my photograph, my store, my job. He was asking me a lot of questions, that out of the blue, i just dont know how to answer it. No.. i really dont.

What was happened to me? Then i open my laptop and browse my old photo-work, my old blog, then i realize, these days ive been spending my time for nothing. My productivity has been down to ZERO. Yup ZERO. What am i doing?

Thesis? Not really. Then what?

I used to be a workaholic, i love my job, i love capturing people, i love learning, i love selling clothes online, i love shoes and stuff. What is wrong with me?

Everyday i woke up, then sitting down in front of my laptop, smoking, playing my guitar, singing then.. what? Ok. I go to gym, almost everyday. To the library, working on my thesis, then hanging out with my friends. Then go home. Wow. Im no longer interested in make some money and i really dont know why.

Bored. Yes. Im bored.
and i think i might need a new life.
I’m just stuck, its quick sand and I just don’t have the energy to pull myself out.

Should i runaway? Well.. Lets.