Tuesday, June 28, 2011


and its all because of this gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful, precious, yeah you name it! - vegetable tanning leather camera bag by Japanese craftsmen from Porco Rosso.

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The good news is : I know someone who lives in Japan that could buy this bag and bring it to Indonesia for me. On the other hand, the bad news is : I CANT AFFORD IT. They sell it so overprice (for me) its 42.000 yen or around IDR 4.500.000,- DAMMIT!

Its actually quite worthy. All Porco Rosso products based on a concept "Things pass on to my children 20 years later" and "High quality products that give continued satisfaction". They have a guarantee that their product will last at least 20 years from now, so its actually really worth the money, its more like an investment.

Unfortunatelly, now is not the time for me to invest on something like bag. Not yet.
Well let's just say that Lowe Pro is enough for me right now. -__-