Tuesday, January 1, 2013

(happy) new year

It was one beautiful afternoon. 

As the sun shine brilliant as nothing else. The light shimmering through my hair like a halo. Bright and warm the sun felt like a kisses to my face. Orange and yellow clouds was falling softly to the ground. Breathtaking flowers hues filling my soul with color. The birds is singing. Tenderly, tearfully, bid 2012 a pretty farewell. The last day in December. The last day in 2012. Got my camera loaded. Click.

Its 31st of December.


The sunshine, the birds, the clouds and all the beautiful things i wrote above, yeah that was a lie. 31st December was horrible for me. Did you realize how gloomy all of these photos are? :)  Thanks to @opengo for letting me put that stupid red dress on you. I never making such a fuss about new year, as i don't understand what's there to celebrate anyway? Now that the light shut down, the glass is empty, the party is over, people are going home, some of them are wasted, some of them are praying. and i am still here alone, standing, mind wandering. Perhaps..  it'll be a good year.

Happy new year everyone.