Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Section : Restaurant Review

So.. straight to the point, im putting a restaurant review on my blog, since yeah.. i really lovessss food XD i do eat a lot. And i have a big interest to the whole variety of foods. I often walk around and look for a new restaurant and then search for the review in the internet. So i was thinking, why dont i make one?

When i was here, i hadnt thought about making a restaurant review, so the photo's not much with -not-so-good angle too. :p but hey im trying here! :)

Well here we go, my first restaurant review. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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:: DAPUR EYANG RESTAURANT:: SO this place is not very much far away from my campus. One of my friend's working here so i'd like to spend a lots of time here. Its pretty cozy place with great price. Located in the middle of Dago, but also not too crowded. And thats what i love the most. XD

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Well this one is my favorite on the menu. Bitter ballen. I'd like they put a mustard sauce and the milk taste inside is not too strong, cause once ive ate bitter ballen with strong milk taste and i feel like im gana throw up, and the best thing is, its only IDR 9.500,- yummmy!!

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