Thursday, February 3, 2011


Everyone has a different version of what is romantic. I know this post might sound cheesy, but i think i wanna share it cause i think romantic is more than just a bouquet of flower, expensive dinner or even saying i love you. As for me, i think romantic comes from a simple thing that you could barely see. Here are my list ;

1. Covering my lower back.
This was something that made me fall in love with my ex. Haha.. You know the situation, kalau kamu memakai baju terlalu pendek, lalu punggung bawahmu terlihat. Pertama kali kami pergi bersama, dia mendadak menutupi punggung saya yang tanpa sengaja terlihat. :)
Its not much, its not expensive, but to me.. it was something.

2. Mad when im wearing a short pants.
Iam an athlete, who frequently wear shorts. Im not trying to be sexy, its just something that i like to wear the most coz its comfortable. Well.. my-ex always got upset to me when im wearing short while im not in the field or doing hockey. He hates it so much, when im going to the mall or cafe or playing around and my thighs was like everywhere. Haha.. I really think its cute. Even tho i get mad at him when he's upset and we always argue, but deep down inside, I really think its romantic. Well.. woman are complicated huh? Haha..

3. Ruggedly told me to pray.
I like the sentence. "Udah sholat kamu? Cepat sholat dulu!!". --> i think this is the most romantic sentence ever, its totally ten times beter than 'i love you'...

4. Taking care of my bag.
When i was shopping and he brought my bag. or... when I forgot to zip up my bag and then he abruptly closed it all of sudden. He keeps an eye for a small things about me.

5. When he saw dirt on my face and then he suddenly clean it without my permission. Oh wow.. :)

6. When he asked me to not come home late at night.
Or even mad about it, cause he's so worried about me. Or when i spent too much time playing aroung or when i spent my money on something that is not important. Sounds like my dad, but im just loving it..

7. Well... let me think about it, but sure it'll be a long list. Hehehe..

So, what's your version of romantic?

Kiss on the forehead is my personal favorite. :)

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