Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Kind of Saturday Nite

is staying at home, browsing, editing some old and new photos, watching dvds, and eat junk food a lot. Ha! Yes, im that happy. If you're one of the people who think its lame to spend satnite at home, then screww youu.. you should see how bad the traffic is and you got to spend at leats 30 minutes just to get yourself seated at some trashy cafe/resto. Who would want that anyway?

Lately, i love capturing babies. Oh hell, i really want one. Hahaha.. Capturing baby is so challenging. The baby just keep on moving and its quite hard to find the right angle. Also, i can seem to find the right way to make them smile through my lense.
Is it because of my face? Hahaha..

This is one of the result, and this was only one from 42 shots in total. :p
Her name is Khaura Ivana Latifah. She's my niece. She 's only 4 months years old.
And she keeps on starring at my lenses without even smiling a bit. Aisshh..

This is a different baby, well if you can't tell any differences. :p
His name is Akram. This is my bestfriend's baby boy. Isnt he cute?
He looks like Shincan with those cutey rounded eyes.

This is her and Akram. I love them both!

Still dunno how to capture kiddos and baby but im willing to learn more.

Wish me luck. :)