Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Hate Ping

For these past few days, i feel like i was controlled by some machine called BLACKBERRY.
Yes. They called me by saying 'PING' instead of 'Hey Gal.." and i got to send a funny emoticon just because one of my friend over there was crying like hell. I feel like a robot. A robot named Ping.

.. and these thought just got me realize that for all of these time ive been using blackberry, i spent my spare time for reading someone else's timeline, stalking on someone's conversation, or making an unimportant chat at blackberry messenger.

Whether im available or not, my friends/buyers keep calling me by Ping and the fact that i have to answer them, whatever my situasion is. People are just like easily get mad when im not replying. Im not living in a blackberry sister!

I don't even read books nowaday.
I rejected someone's invitation to meet up just because i think it'd be so much easier if we just chat on BBM.

Today im switching off my blackberry. Still thinking, whether i should change my blackberry to regular mobile phone or not, because using blackberry without using the blackberry service sounds a bit ridiculous isn't it?

Hell. Yeah whatever, i think im just gonna enjoy my days without 'PING' on my mobile.

oh and bye uber social. you. are. very. noisy.

I had enough trash. That's it.

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