Thursday, June 9, 2011


So today i ate lunch at Midori. Its a Japanese Restaurant, located umm okay forgot on that one, but its near Jalan Gempol. This was my first time, actually, and i gotta say that im seriously satisfied. Definitely would loveee to come back! :D

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sorry for the extremely poor quality photo. I brought my camera but the stupid thing's i didn't put any SD card inside. Not so funny HAHA.. *yawn* These all taken with my blackberry.

Midori is the original Japanese restaurant, cooking methods, materials / ingredients, cooking, its all authentic Japanese. I ordered the cold noodle, which is incredibly weird for me at first, just keep on starring at it and trying not to loose my apetite but its turns out pretty good. :D

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They put an ice on top of the noodle and also a carrot fried with flour. Yikes. I thought it was chicken dumbass. It also served with half-cooked quail eggs, since im not a fan of everything that 'half cooked', didn't eat that. No, thanks!

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Where we got seated. Typical of Japanese resto, but as long as they provide the 'smoking area' sign, certainly enjoyed my seat.

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