Wednesday, February 22, 2012

too perfect is not perfect

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So, currently this is what i do for living. Haha. No, actually i'm not a photographer. This is just one time experience me as an editor and photographer at once since all of my photographers were busy attending an event. Its actually more interesting than just sitting on the desk, waiting for article and starring at the monitor.

This was my first time capturing the runway. Hence, i made a lot of mistakes. Haha! First of all, when the male models came along, i simply gazing at their ass, instead of taking their picture. Stupid hormones. >.<

Anyway, i learn that the gays is pretty much more likeable rather than the socialites bitches. You know those antagonist figures commonly we saw on tv? Apparently, they do exist. Haha. Scary. They look beautiful, from top to bottom, seamless, but they just too perfect. And id say; too perfect is not perfect.

Exceedingly beautiful, gorgeously cold.

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ps : the one who made my neck in a truly severe pain, should i be fall in love with you?


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