Friday, March 2, 2012

i like him

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Labelled as the natural painter, trying to create a quiet and peaceful of serene heart. Reminiscent an array of Haiku, a beautiful traditional Japan poetry. “Emptiness could be so meaningful if that could lead to a space of strengthness. Emptiness has its own environment of encouragement that awakens a sense of magical power”, Godod says.

As we can see, Godod Sutejo’s painting presents a large part of emptiness. “Emptiness is not an absence. Emptiness does exist and real”, he added. Move through the obstacles of emptiness; fear of loneliness and to heal those armored secret places inside against his longing for expression.

Godod Sutejo was born on 12th January 1953 in Wonogiri Central Java and finished his bachelor of fine arts in Sekolah Tinggi Seni Rupa Indonesia (STSRI)/ASRI. He is married to Sugiarti and has four children; As Truni Ahingani, Gongsor Giriworo, Sanga Nawa Songo and Wra Isworo Nabastala. Through his paintings he tried to offer a terror of peacefulness as he had been fed up with violence prevails. Desolation, quite, alienated, estranged, being a form of another terror for disseminators of peace.

Apart from relying on technical skills he has developed for years, Godod also takes a spiritual path, praying and selecting the right time to start or finish a painting. Godod’s paintings have a peaceful, serene, calmness and cool nuances, convincing us further that compared to the greatness of universe, human beings are very small in the hand of God. "I want my paintings to serve more than just to comfort the collectors' eyes but also their hearts and souls”, he explains.

Since being active in Pasar Seni Jaya Acol from 1975 untill 2008, more than 100 times he was involved in a collective exhibition. Started with the collective exhibition with the Art Fair Taman Ganesa Bandung, he continued with other exhibitions in some cities in Indonesia, like Jakarta, Banda Aceh, Padang, Bali, Surabaya, Surakarta, Yogyakarta, etc. He has also hosted a solo exhibition in Japan and Switzerland.


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anak krakatau

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Masjid Agung Jogja

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Pergi ke Pura

A piece of my writing as published in Registry Magazine.
Suddenly, i admire this humble painter.


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