Monday, April 30, 2012

wisdom of the witless

I may be quiet. I may be stay in silence. I may be smile or laugh and all. I may be nice and kind. You may see that i dont give a shit about anything as long as it does not concern me. But just so you know, i always know what you dont think i would know. That which I endure from the rest of mankind merely disappoints me. My mind was a hurricane of all the wrong thoughts.

Just my favorite line, i hope this one does not written by human

And im calling you Lord, as i cant stand this afflicting human behavior. As i cant stand this idiocy forlornly. And I hope that my intelligence, my restless mind and my troubled soul will carry me to the maturity and perspicacious. And may this disillusionment gone like a dew soaked into the air.

I will redefine you, life.


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