Thursday, July 5, 2012

a very good statement

I was having dinner that night at Kopi Tiam Oey with my friend, Imel. She was busy doing her job, working on her tight deadline, and me, on the other hand, was busy watching a shaolin kungfu, a truth or myths on youtube. We both ordered food and drinks, as usual i always have a thing for wiener melange, had a few unimportant conversations then paid the bill after we finished. Just in time as i am about to leave the table, these two kiddos or should i say a street buskers? came right at our table. Asked for money, of course, but then all of suden, they abruptly starred at my leftovers. 

"Can we eat this?," she said, entreated. 

I said, yes go ahead. And instantly pick up my camera.

While i was busy capturing them with my camera and trying hard to setting up the flash as i found the light was incredibly low, the older sister talk to her younger brother with her mouth clogged up with food.  

"Orang kaya tu aneh ye, kalo beli makanan kaga pernah diabisin." 

I suddenly stop pressing the shutter button and paused. 

She's so damn right.


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