Sunday, April 21, 2013

oh this is so stupid

I think i just had the worst interview ever. Like seriously. I don't know what went wrong. The guy that interviewed me was the senior lecturer from University of Indonesia. I googled him a night  before the interview and i am feeling kinda nervous. He was actually very nice and kind. But i got this stupid butterfly that wanna go berserk in my stomach, not in a good way of course. I remember the last time i had this stupid butterfly was two years ago when i am about to facing my thesis examiner. It feels like shit. I feel like shit. 

So there he was, sitting politely in front of me, throwing a lot of question and i don't know why i can't think of anything and answer those damn easy questions. I suddenly ran out of vocabulary. I don't even know how to say "Perusahaan ini berdiri sejak.." in english. What? What the fuck is wrong with me? Well, i do realize it's been a while since i write in English, or even have a proper and polite long conversation in English. Man, i feel stupid. It was a very good opportunity, a very interesting challenging job, and i know that i could learn a lot of things in that company. Now. I blew it off. 

Great job, Galuh. Great job.


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  1. but, U NAILED IT!!
    happy for u, bou!