Friday, March 12, 2010

Singapore is a Fine City

Itu betul.
If you're talking about fine - as in you've got to pay fine if you do something wrong that against their law.
Alamakjang, dimana-mana tertempel tulisan komprehensif mengenai jumlah denda yang harus dibayar apabila melanggar aturan.
Its actually nice, i think.
Walaupun terus terang saya tidak betah. :))

and i was like extremely happy when i found this sign. :)

I spent five days in Singapore. Not so happy - five days.
My team's lost to Thailand with 3-4 score.
Its actually sucks.
Everyone said we were great. But hell no, i think we're not.

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SCC Padang. Quite interesting, eh? FYI. Its HOT.

I dont like the food. Everything just so tasteless.
Later on, i found out that the sing-government has some regulation about salt and MSG.
People are not allowed to cook with too much salt or even MSG.
And that's why everything in there tasted so.... FLAT. :(

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the cleanest side of the city.

Though, still few things that makes me pleased.
The city is so clean, too clean! No kidding.
I wonder how they managed it so well. Love it very much.
and most of all, im in love with BUGIS STREET, where you can find adorable stuff with cheapest price! :))

I was planning to visit Sentosa Island, turns out i didnt have much time. And apparently the Universal Studio hasn't open yet there. So we skip our Sentosa-Plan and change it to Orchad. Not very much interesting, since im not really into mall-place. But still enjoying the view, tho.

Id like to visit Singapore again this year, still curious about stuff they sell at Bugis.
Lets hunt something interesting on LOL. :)

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  1. luh ikut atuh kalo jalan-jalan si dione aje ih yang di ajak, emang girl only ya. Btw ari loe tuh dah gawe?ko kerjanya jalan-jalan mulu ya?