Monday, November 15, 2010

Confession to make

I was born as a boyish girl. I played soccer, i went to karate practice, (although i didnt get the black belt), i dont do cat fight. I do punch. In fact, i punched someone. I hate high heels, i know those shoes could make me looks nicer, but i just cant stand the pain. It hurt too much. Had a couple of fights with the boys in school and those boys were just going home and crying to their mama. Silly. Im a fighter. I shift for my own self. Im totally not a clinging vine and pink is not my colour.

That's fact. But still, i got confession to make. I do love flower. Weird huh?

Even my exes never thought so and i would never told them either. That would be disgusting. Haha.. but yeah.. a girl still a girl. Ive never received any of it because they think I hate flowers. It was fine, i never complained, it has to be given because he feels like it, but I was hoping give at least one sometime, you know?

Few days before my birthday, one of my friend asked me if i wanted a birthday present, she'd like to give me something. I said i dont want anything right now, but i decided to let her know about the flower thingy. I said that i hope my boyfriend would consider it.

Well thats funny, cause on my birthday, my boyfriend gave me nothing, while she gave me a bouquet of flower! Haha!

Well i would like to let you all readers know, that my first flower was given by a girl and im totally happy with it!! :)

Thank you Pepito! Now one of my dream came true! *smooch

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