Sunday, November 14, 2010

Life Must Go On

You know the term "Sleep like a baby" ?

Well yeah, i tell you what. When you're 17 yo, and you'll get you're own driving license, well yes, the life has just start, and there's no way you're gonna get a "sleep like a baby' nap.

There will be too much problem, maybe not that much when your 20, but still it is something. Something that would come as a thing that would annoys you, and bump ; You'll get your sleep discomposure.

Thats what we called life. There'll be billions of problem that needs to be solved. There'll be hundred litre of tears that'll leak out of your eyes, and still you gotta come out and gives your widest smile to everyone, cause thats what grown-ups do.

So if you reading this, and you're 17 yo. I just wanna tell you one thing ;
Enjoy it, while you can.

Have a nice day everyone :)

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