Friday, January 14, 2011

Choose The Life (i) Want

It's all about freedom--the freedom to pick one thing over another.
Are you choosing what you want from life?

1. To finish my education. I think i had enough school in my entire life. My parents are really gonna put me in school until im 40 i guess. And please.. let me be free mom.. I do love school, but somehow, i just wanna be an employee. Is that stupid?

2. To stop wasting my life away. Im 26 years old now. I feel like im wasting my time a lot lately.

3. To be happy in love - and get married. Further request :
Marry a man that is a true and old fashioned. I once was with the guy I am with now, but not anymore. I need to find the right guy for me. Which is, why the hell it is really hard for me? Syit.

4. To be able to help animal. Whether it be working with animals or just helping campaigns.

5. Be financially independent

Mari kita tutup post ini dengan sama-sama mengucapkan. Alhamdulillah. Amien...

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