Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sometimes people come into your life and do a complete 180 on you.
And for a while you just get used to it. but what do you do when its gone…
You live. listen to music, shop, drink, smoke, WHATEVER you do to make you happy.
Some people may not agree with it but, its your choice its what you do and its what, ultimately is going to make you happy..

Dont hate on whoever broke your heart, or left you in the cold. tell them thank you , thank you for showing me what SETTLING looks like, thank you for showing me that its OKAY to say good bye, thank you for showing me what i need… happiness. and then you forgive, i forgive you for flipping everything around.. and i forgive you for changing me to someone people barely recognize… because now im back and im ready.

I’m ready to be happy.

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