Friday, November 25, 2011

The One Who Keeps On Singing

When everything is in ruin. Thats me.

Well apparently, being single and jobless in late 20s bring you a chance to do this thing, small things that keeps you happy. Like singing, dancing and for me is, playing piano. I was laying all day long in my bedroom, watching dvd then decide to get up and bump, there you go, my piano, fyi i havent touch that piano for like 2 years? Haha.. So i play it.

Later on i found Firework chords for guitar on internet and decided to play it with my piano. After a while i was thinking, ahh why not turn on the webcam and record this thing? Haha!
Sorry, if you find me keep lookin at the webcam thats simply because i dont remember the lyrics.

Ok here we go. So heres my rules if you want to watch this video.

1. Excuse my voice. Im no singer. So relax, im not gonna join the Indonesian Idol.
2. The piano sounds real bad. Yeah i noticed that. It hasnt been tuned for almost 2 years.

Enjoy this stupid little thing. >.<


  1. wah ada yang muji haha *salting* salam backpacker! :D

  2. aaaaaah, suara kamu oke kok tinggal diatur pitch controlnya ajah. haha. jadi inget waktu lo nyanyi di Pra-OJ saat bergabung di "Acaranya Acara" :p

    eh, bisa maen piano juga? multitalenta kali kakaaa. jago jualan, jago moto, bisa maen alat musik :D

  3. OMG Tiaaaaa, pas pra oj itu engga bangettt muahahahah!